[CT Birds] CACC Banding in Milford Saturday + Avocet

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Sat Oct 27 11:31:40 EDT 2012

CACC  Banding in Milford Saturday
>From Charlotte Weston,  Stacy Hanks & The Banding Crew 
10/27- Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center, Milford 
Visiting birders spotted an American Avocet with  their scopes from the 3rd 
floor of the building, the bird was out on a small  spit, fairly far out 
looking left, in with a small group of brant, cormorants  and gulls. 
Also,a Peregrine falcon was in the largest  tree in front of the Audubon 
Birds Banded – 17  birds, 5 species 
3  Chickadees 
4 Ruby Crowned  Kinglets 
2 Swamp  Sparrows 
6 Song  Sparrows 
2 White-throated  Sparrows

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