[CT Birds] Siskins aplenty

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I agree!  They are incredibly docile.  I am amazed at how close they come to
us and even our movement doesn't scare them off.  I'm guessing I could
easily catch them, but I won't.  And the seed... well, we can't seem to keep
up with it.

Resident sharp-shinned hawk/s take at least one daily.  Which leaves me to a
question.  Do the siskins come from an area where sharpies don't dwell?  Are
there more trees and cover so they're not easily seen and caught?  We've
been pondering this.  Even after a sharpie zooms through and takes one from
the ground on the fly, the others don't seem to react as quickly as other
yard birds.  Anyone know?  
Pam Holden
Colchester CT

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You gotta love these little Pine Siskins.  They must be from the boonies up
north where they have not had much contact with people.  I was out blowing
leaves today--a really noisy enterprise--and the Siskins remained perched on
the feeders when I was only a few feet away.  There were certainly no other
birds brave enough (or dumb enough) to stay in the back yard around the
blower.  I finally got a good count of over 60 when I had the ability to
view not only the ones at the feeders, but all the ones in the trees
watching and waiting their turns.  What a fun way to go broke.

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