[CT Birds] Lighthouse Point Park Sunday

Steve Mayo and Rebecca Horowitz rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sun Oct 28 16:21:49 EDT 2012

"O wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!"
    -- Billy Shakespeare, The Tempest

It was a wild, beautiful, pre-storm day at Lighthouse.  136 diurnal raptors total.  The big hawks lingered overhead for quite a while, the passerines were stuffing their faces, and the Coops were trying to stuff their faces as well. I guess I'll just transcribe the HMANA (hawk) report:

NE winds 2-4, gusts to 5, 100% dark, murky low, thick, stormy cumulus in anticipation of frankenstorm Sandy.

Breakfast at Coopersville this am.  At least 5 "events".  CHs screaming a
 foot off the deck past my legs.  An adult male Coop in the very small 
Maple behind the site, awaiting an unwary small passerine, and then 
thrashing through the leaves/branches after it. 
Great looks at the swirling, lingering big birds. 
I left at least a ML, 2 RT, a CH and an OS in the Park (not counted). 

Slow migration start with Herring Gulls loafing all over the Park, then 
steady all morning.  Brant 29, Canada Goose 143, including 24 heading 
NE(!) in the pm, Black Duck 7, RB Merganser 4, Common Loon 11, LAUGHING 
GULL 1, Blue Jay 11, COMMON RAVEN 1 (interacting with a RT and 2 Crows),
 Tree Swallow 1, Ea Bluebird 312, Am Robin 2020, Hermit Thrush 2 (NW 
corner), Cedar Waxwing 255, YR Warbler 40 (includes 15 at base of beach 
pines, feeding), Palm Warbler 2, LINCOLN's SPARROW 1 (brush near Morris 
Creek), BH Cowbird 240, RW Blackbird 1170, Com Grackle 220, Purple Finch
 32, House Finch 15Pine Siskin 257.

The Wicked Good 5K Road Race was enormous this year.  Hundreds of 
runners.  The only visitors were Al and 3 other nice folks from the race
 charity, Connection.  (Stay clean and sober!)

The enormous grass lot Jersey Barriers are being hoisted into place in 
front of the Carousel Building.  Sandbags are being filled.  The Horses 
are being removed from the building to be stored in a safer, inland site.   I'm sure the LPP Hawkwatch is closed down for the next 2 days.  No Sooty Terns for us. 

PS - I saw a Coast Guard Jayhawk, presumably the same rescue helicopter seen by Frank Mantlik.

Steve Mayo

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