[CT Birds] Storm birds

jayne.neville at cox.net jayne.neville at cox.net
Mon Oct 29 13:06:36 EDT 2012

CT Birders,

 As with any large  storm coming up the coast there is a  strong possibility that birds can become caught up in the winds and carried aloft for hours or even days and then deposited exhausted and completely depleted. Most of these birds will not survive without rest and electrolytes with a slow introduction of easy to digest foods before resuming a normal diet.

Please consider rescue when you observe a bird that is easily approached, not behaving normally, or is a species that should not be present at this time. It is simple basic care at the sanctuary to assist these birds and get them back into the population.

Athough MVSS is a songbird sanctuary my expertise is with any bird that has specialized food, housing or other needs. I am willing to accept any "migratory" birds as a result of the storm. 

Please call for immediate assistance rather than email at 860-276-8433 or 860-681-1190

Jayne Neville
Mount Vernon Songbird Sanctuary

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