[CT Birds] Siskins- Newington 10/29, 10/30

Rob Ballinger rayn4est at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 08:15:46 EDT 2012

I hope all are doing well after the storm.
As the wind picked up yesterday the siskin flock switched to feeding on the
ground below the feeders.  Perhaps that's not unusual, but my siskin
observations are limited.
I brought the feeders in after sunset to prevent damage by wind. The
siskins were waiting for me this morning, returning to the feeders before I
got back into the house.
Currently about 10 siskins, 2 cardinals and various numbers of juncos,
white throated sparrows, mourning doves, etc. feed.
No sooty terns or frigatebirds yet, but I will watch the feeders until the
highways open and I have to go to work. ;)

Rob Ballinger, Newington

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