[CT Birds] Red Breasted NH, & Lake Whitney

Arthur Shippee ashippee at snet.net
Tue Oct 30 21:41:28 EDT 2012

From Arthur Shippee & Mary Porterfield:
10/30/12 - Hamden, North Lake -- Red Breasted Nuthatch at back feeder.

So this was, presumably, the little RBNH who learns lessons, featured yesterday.  It seemed to be using the feeder better than yesterday.  But at dusk a strange tale.  We have suet & sunflower feeders on a metal pole with two curving arms -- you know them.  I had largely dismantled ours (main stem, two extenders, & two arms), but had put the arms back in for suet & seed, which remained through the storm, sheltered as that spot is.  As it was darkening today, I went out to put it back together, with covers & all.  I took off the feeders, and was coming back to get the arms when I heard a flutter.  A bird was trapped by the neck between the the two arms, head on the west side, body on the east.  It was the tiny RBNH.  

Had it been trapped before & I didn't see it, or had it been perched there and my taking the feeders trapped it, I have no idea.  But I came over, confused then disturbed at what I saw.  But pulling the pieces apart & slowly sliding it up -- half way through, a plaintive chirp -- gradually I freed it.  Finally, it could wiggle free, and quickly took off into the dark.  I take its ability to fly away easily as a good sign.  Good luck, little fellow.  I'll update tomorrow if I have news.

Lake Whitney or neighboring kettles:  I don't think anything tremendously rare, but:  about 3 M. Hooded Mergansers;  bunches of Wood Ducks (a couple dozen or more) in various places, mostly M.;  Gadwall (2 or 3);  Ruddy Duck;  Ring Necked Duck;  1 or 2 P-B Grebe;  one duck I couldn't ID (head entirely shiny dark blue or black, smallish);  a bunch of Great Blue Heron;  a Kingfisher;  Mallard & Black Ducks;  Cormorant;  a few Gulls.  Swans -- and someone driving by paused and asked with concern:  have you seen any swans?  Are they ok?  Oy.

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