[CT Birds] CT coast (Cave Swallow, Black Skimmer, Am Golden-Plover)

Nick Bonomo nbonomo at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 18:21:22 EDT 2012

I started the day in Old Saybrook, where Greg Hanisek and Andy
Griswold were already watching the water. Nothing unusual while I was
there. Pretty much zero birds moving out of the sound today - what a
difference a day makes. Looks like pretty much everything has already
moved out, save for a few stragglers that are certainly still kicking
around. We did have a CAVE SWALLOW with Barn & Trees as previously
reported. Finches and Black-capped Chickadees were on the move once
the wind shifted to more of a westerly component.

Hammonasset SP was closed, so Greg and I continued on to Lighthouse Pt
for a 45-minute watch that featured finches (Siskins, Goldfinches, and
Purple Finches in decreasing order), a few Cedar Waxwing flocks, and
an Eastern Meadowlark. Note that the stand of pines along the
fenced-off facility near the SE corner of the park has plenty of cones
and would be a fine place for a flock of migrant crossbills to drop

Next I walked out Sandy Point near high tide. Overall not much change
here. Morse Point certainly had some sand shifted toward the bay side
and certainly lost a bit of height to it, but I'm not sure quite how
much height or if it will be enough to affect the terns and plovers
next year. Sandy Pt looked quite similar - didn't look like much of
the newly deposited sand had been washed away. Best birds were a
single immature BLACK SKIMMER (storm-related) and a Clapper Rail that
flushed from the marsh edge.

I last checked out Milford Point on the falling tide. No storm waifs,
but did have a nice juvenile American Golden-Plover among the
Black-bellieds. Many Common Loons about, and 3 White-winged and 1
Black Scoter. Just like Sandy Pt, Milford Pt had some sand shifted on
the nesting sandspit, but to the detriment of the plovers or not, I
could not say.

Nick Bonomo
Wallingford, CT

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