[CT Birds] 11/3/12 yard birds

Lisa lisagagnon24 at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 3 13:18:37 EDT 2012

Lisa G. S.Spgs. 8 Gold Finches, 12 Chicadees, 10 Titmice, 3 C.Wrens, 6 B.Jays,  2 Cardinals, 20 Juncos, 4 W.T.Sparrows, Downy wood, Red bellied,  Hairy wood, Pileated,  Wbnh, Rbnh, M.Doves,  Robins, Crows, H.Finch, and 3 very fat grey squirrels and 2 red squirrels.  And my buddy chippy the chipmunk. Also 1 dragon fly which I don't remember seeing them out this late.  Lisa
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