[CT Birds] mystery bird in Guilford

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50/50?  Really?  Everyone knows, I don't ID hawks that at perched.  I can't tell a distant perched ML from a RS.  For decades, I have resisted the intense urge to toss a rock at a hawk in order to observe its flight behavior.

But why, in the name of the Continental Congress and the Great Jehovah, would anyone think this HY Cooper's Hawk is a Northern Goshawk?  

Steve Mayo

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This accipiter was terrorizing my backyard birds yesterday.  It's clearly a juvenile, but the question is whether it's a juvie Cooper's hawk or goshawk.  I've shown it to a few birders, and it's evenly split in the "polls".  Note the white supercilium and speckled back, making me lean towards goshawk.  But the brown belly streaks don't go completely down, like a Cooper's.  Maybe or maybe not zig-zag banding on tail.  Unfortunately in the frontal views, the tail is obscured by a UV sticker used to keep birds from smacking into the glass (all photos taken through glass).

The front of the birdhouse is 8" tall and the back 14".


I keep old Christmas trees in the backyward to provide shelter to the little birds.  This bird pounced down on one of them and was trying to pull the little hiding birds out!

Let the voting begin!

Amy Hopkins

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