[CT Birds] Cooper's vs Goshawk

Jim Zipp jimzipp at sbcglobal.net
Wed Nov 7 08:43:42 EST 2012

After seeing Amy's post and images of the Cooper's Hawk I thought I'd put up 
these two images showing some comparison images of the 3 accipiters. Also one 
comparison of Sharpie Coop as well.  I use these in the shop to help people tell 
the differences of their backyard visitors.  

Probably the worst field mark often used for id I think is the square vs rounded 
tail between Cooper's and Sharpie.  At least in my experience, a square tail 
often does lean toward sharpie but a rounded one in flight is just one indicator 
that should lead to the observation of other attributes like overall body 
structure, manner of flight etc. 

For anyone interested, here are the two compiled images on this page...


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