[CT Birds] Meigs Point Morning Seawatch

kmueller at ntplx.net kmueller at ntplx.net
Wed Nov 7 15:09:46 EST 2012

 From Meigs Point 10:00 am to 12:30 pm, Started on the jetty, then  
from the car when the rain and snow started. Excellent Gannet flight  
which occurred all the time I was there with only a few slow intervals  
when visibilty was limited by the snow showers. The Gannets were all  
flying west in a continual stream often with a dozen at the same time  
arriving together. Most passed just outside the jetty, many flew close  
to the beach passing over the jetty, and a few groups fished and  
plunge-dived within a hundred yards from the beach.

The majority of the Gannets were adults, with a handful of second and  
third winter, and three in first winter plumage.

GANNETS- over 350 in the time period I was there
Red-throated Loon- 7
Common Loon- 3
Horned Grebe- 1 (swimming at the end of the jetty)
Common Terns- 7
Forster's Terns- 6
Laughing Gulls- 3

KITTIWAKE- 1 (Very probable) seen well off shore following the Gannets  
displaying typical flight behaviour. Just too far with binoculars to  
get a positive look, but it apperaed to be a first winter with black  
'M' visible on wings.

SNOW GEESE- 5 (2 adults- 3 juvenile) The first birds that I saw when I  
arrived at Meigs. The five Geese came from over the Sound heading  
NOrth. They dropped their wings and appeared to be wanting to land in  
the marsh outside of Cedar Island. They circled the marsgh once and  
then continued towards Clinton where they dropped down near Kelsey's  

Scoters (dark winged) 17 (too far to ID)
Red-breasted Mergansers- 7
BLack Ducks- 65
Scaup- 125 (three flocks appeared to be mostly Greater)
Bufflehead- 2
Greater Yellowlegs- 3
Semi-palmated Plover- 3
BLack-bellied Plover- 5
Dunlin- 23
Ruddy Turnstone- 2

Red-tailed Hawk- 2
Coopers Hawk- 3
Sharp-shinned Hawk- 2
Merlin- 1 (harassing a female Redtail)
Peregrine- 1

SNOW BUNTINGS- 13 (started in the Nature Center parking lot, than flew  
to Meigs Beach)
Horned Larks- 9
Yellow-rumped Warblers- 11 (on the beach getting out of the wind)

Keith Mueller

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