[CT Birds] Reporting owls and other rare species

zellene zellene at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 8 10:51:03 EST 2012

I fully agree with the non-disclosure of roosting and nesting owls. I, too, have seen folks who should have known better harass these birds. 

I have also seen abuses when other rare birds show up. For example, when a Kentucky Warbler was found at Penwood SP, birders were asked not to go thrashing through the woods to get a look, but to stay on the road. Some well-known birders showed up and decided to ignore this request and indeed did go off into the brush although I asked them not to. After being seen in this location for several years, this bird has not returned. Was this due to the unrelenting disturbance by birders? Who knows.

There are times when I see an uncommon  bird and have considered not reporting it for just this reason.


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