[CT Birds] Audubon's Warbler - it could have turned out so differently

julian hough jrhough1 at snet.net
Sun Nov 11 12:38:09 EST 2012

Congrats to Charlie Barnard for a great find and getting the word out 
quickly...a deserving find for him.
I arrived with my son Alex and joined Nick Bonomo, John Oshlik, Frank Gallo, 
Frank Mantlik and Vanessa Mickan to see it flycatching naked eye on the dune 
ridge. I quickly nailed it in the scope for 5 seconds tops, out in full view in 
beautiful light, when it suddenly took off high and disappeared across the 
marsh into the haze..gone, baby, gone! Gulp!

One of those moments when you realize that those 5 seconds could have been 
absorbed at so many different points along the way; stopping to pick up a 
coffee; getting Alex ready and in the car; getting to Long Beach quicker than I 
normally drive and then running down the beach.

Remember..when people tell you "no need to run mate, it's still there"....keep 

Julian Hough
New Haven, CT 06519

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