[CT Birds] (CT Birds) Re; A little More Owl Info and Crow Hunting Season in Connecticut

Timothy L Thompson twodogs77 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Nov 12 00:03:24 EST 2012

CT Birds,
As previously mentioned in this thread, "In Connecticut, Crows may be shot year 
round", this is not a true statement.  Crow season in CT is divided into two 
split seasons annually.  First part is from January 1 to February 29 and the 
second part is October 20 through December 31.  This allows farmers and others 
to control local populations and reduce crop damage.  I've seen Crows destroy 
lawns digging and eating earth worms and grubs....continually returning until 
food source is gone and thereby turning what was a respectible grass field to a 
brown one.  I've been trying to photograph them and they are not easy to fool, 
not to mention trying to get a decent exposure on their black shiny feathers.

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