[CT Birds] more on the Hammo Black-headed Gull

kmueller at ntplx.net kmueller at ntplx.net
Mon Nov 12 11:59:33 EST 2012

Hammo this morning (7:45 am - 10:30 am)- The BLack-headed Gull was not  
present in the puddles in the East or West Beach parking areas this  
morning when I arrived at 7:45 am. The view of many birders there  
looking for the Crossbills was that they thought the bird may have  
left since it was last seen yesterday flying west. I took a walk onto  
the beach access area at East Beach, and located the Gull on the beach  
alone farther down the beach towards the access area at Middle Beach  
near the pavillion. Three times it was jumped by a jogger and  
continued to fly west short distances. The fourth time it was jumped I  
lost sight of it- since it was at the end of my binocular range.

I thought that the bird may have landed farther down the beach, so I  
thought I would drive down to East Beach and look there. When I was  
driving by the gravel parking lot across from the Swan Pond, I saw the  
the Gull in the puddle on the east side of the lot in front of a  
birder. It stayed there for half an hour offering great close views  
for many birders that had assembled and then flew to the other side of  
the parking lot where it stayed for five minutes. It then flew back to  
the eastern side of the lot for ten minutes. It then took off and  
landed in the paved parking lot at the extreme western end of the  
Park. Interesting note: the Gull landed about a hundred feet away from  
the horde of birders/photographers that were busy enjoying the  
Crossbills. No one knew the GUll was there. It soon flushed when a car  
pulled into the lot. I never saw where the bird went, but after  
enjoying the Crossbills and friendly birders for half an hour, I went  
to look for the GUll again.

I found it again by itself on the beach in front of the Middle Beach  
pavillion. Not sure how long it remained there, but it was reported at  
11:00 am at the Nature Center Parking lot. If you are looking for the  
GUll tomorrow (or later this afternoon, I would suggest checking all  
of the above locations).

Not sure how many CROSSBILLS are in the pines at the west end of the  
Park, but I photographed at least one flock of approx 40 birds flying  
over the pine trees while everyone was enjoying the abundant numbers  
there in the trees. The flock flew towards the eastern end of the  
Park. All the Crossbills were identified as White-winged, and only one  
RED CROSSBILL located this morning. Yesterday afternoon, Red  
Crossbills seemed to dominate.

Keith Mueller

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