[CT Birds] VIRUS warning

Michael Richardson michael_s_richardson at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 12 16:59:31 EST 2012

There seems to be a virus floating around this mailing list.  Seems like clicking on the link will infect your computer.

Some advice for all:

Examine any link before you click it.  Just because it says msnbc.com someone in the URL doesn't mean it's really from msnbc.  For example the URL: www.msnbc.com-report.us/jobs is not part of the msnbc.com domain, it's really com-report.us, which is not the same.  That is an example of a misleading URL.A link may say one thing in the email, but where you hover over it, it may show that it's taking you to another place.  Always hover over the link and look at the system bar (bottom of screen) and verify it is correct.  Example:  www.google.com
Don't click any links if all the email says is "Hey check this out" or "Hey, look at this".  You have no idea what you are clicking on.  If someone says "Here's a great article about the mating habits of glossy ibis" then it's probably legit, since that's a birding topic.Keep your antivirus up to date.  check it often.  Schedule it to run full system scans once a week.If you do get a virus, don't rely upon Symantec, McAfee or AVG, etc... to take care of it.  They usually don't.  Go get yourself a copy of Malwarebytes Antimalware from www.download.com (which is a legit CNET website).  Install it, update it, and run a full scan.  That fixes most virus issues.
Good luck everyone.

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