[CT Birds] Malicious Links on CT Digest

John Pfitzner jkat61 at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 14 14:19:43 EST 2012

Roy,  Todays digest contained a message ( # 4 from david coutu ) that contained a link that is malware/spyware etc.And yesterdays digest also contained a message ( #4 from neil currie ) ( subject being ct-hey and re:hey )that also had a link ( same url as todays post) any link that has msnbc.msn and jobs in it is malicious and if openedwill infect your computer and hijack your e-mail address book and then distribute the foul link to all of your contacts.I know several people that have clicked on the link and are having a difficult time trying to remove the malware.maybe the links from those messages are safe, but I would not click on them unless you are certain they are safe.I know for sure that there is spyware going around using a msnbc.msn#$%^^ jobs link. John Pfitzner   		 	   		  

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