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Wed Nov 14 20:17:00 EST 2012

Roy was right on the money.  So long as you didn't click on the link,  
you're fine.  Opening / reading the message won't cause a problem.
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I got  one similar to what you describe from Frank Mantlik.  do you think 
my  computer is now infected?  If so, what do I do to get rid of it?

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A real simple suggestion is to avoid opening any messages  with brief,
out-of-character subjects.  On CTBirds, "Hey" is a  perfect example.

If you have opened a message, avoid clicking on a  link when there  is
either no text or very brief text leading up to  it--especially if the  
text is
out-of-character.  It's the link  that will do  the damage.

Unfortunately, it's easy for these  people to pick-up e-mail addresses  so
they appear to come from  legitimate parties like Neil or Roy.  But they
won't bother  tailoring the message to any listserve or group like CTBirds.
Instead,  they rely on volume.  Those messages go to large numbers and  
varieties of recipients so it's easy to see whether they make sense  on

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