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Sat Nov 17 15:49:21 EST 2012

Here's the complete list of Count Week species recorded on Connecticut Christmas Bird Counts during the period 1950-51 through 2011-2012.  These eleven species, including the two introduced species in parentheses, are the "almost but not quite" species that have occurred at least once during the count period but never on a Connecticut CBC count day.  What a stellar list!  

Now, there's a thought about rarities on a Connecticut CBC:  Steller's Eider, Steller's Jay.  Not very likely . . . but how about Cave Swallow, Gyrfalcon, Western Kingbird?????

Connecticut's Count Week Only Species, 1950-1951 through 2011-2012:
American White Pelican
Purple Gallinule
American Golden-Plover
Piping Plover
Western Kingbird
Cave Swallow
Canada Warbler
(Brazilian Cardinal)
Indigo Bunting

Steve Broker (Cheshire)

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