[CT Birds] Hammo, crossbills, PB Grebes (11/18)

Jamie Meyers ctredbird2 at comcast.net
Sun Nov 18 16:56:39 EST 2012

Given the number of birders at Hammo today I'm stunned that there are no reports here from the location.  White-winged Crossbills were around in decent numbers and moving and feeding all over the park at various time in the morning.  Someone had the Black-headed Gull in a mud puddle near West Beach but alas it wasn't I.  I tried all over for it but did not see it.  The Grasshopper Sparrow was cooperative and was photographed by many near Meig's Point.  A Common Redpoll was seen near Meig's Point in the same trees the crossbills are using, in apparent loose company of House Finches.  I found a Vesper Sparrow near the nature center.

Elsewhere, I had 3 Red Crossbills at East Shore park at first light this morning,  No Cave Swallows but at least Barns were about.  Very early this morning I stopped at Bishop's Pond in Meriden while it was barely light enough to see and had several pintails and shovelers.

At some point in November just about every year while I'm checking larger bodies of waters for ducks I'm always struck by how locally widespread Pied-billed Grebes can be.  Right now seems to be that time of the year for them.  I noticed a decent number of them at Bishop's Pond and that was well before 7 AM, in fairly low light.  Silver Lake in Berlin had at least 7 of them this afternoon,, and Fisher Meadow pond in Avon had 3.  Bufflehead is a familiar Sound bird in winter but is one of the more common diving ducks that pass through inland.  I had them in several places today as well.

In an effort to bolster my town lists I hit several densely conifered areas in towns mostly along the rt. 9 corridor on my way back home, thinking now would be a good time to check off RB Nut for my town lists.  I thought wrong.  It was fun trying though.

Jamie Meyers
Canton, CT

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