[CT Birds] season change in New Britain - Bob Jase

busterggi at aol.com busterggi at aol.com
Mon Nov 19 15:33:18 EST 2012

My House Finches, Robins, Grackles and almost all my sparrows (except for a very few House Sparrows) have been replaced by Chickadees, titmice (my summer regular apparently called its family & friends) and Juncos.  The Cardinals & jays & doves & the one nuthatch are still regulars though.  I had a young Flicker that looked as if it would become a regular but I haven't seen it in over a week.

Meanwhile in West Haven, this morning I was nearly divebombed by accident by a couple of jays being pursued by a Coopers (?) Hawk which I've seen before frequenting Main Street in the 200's through 300's. And there were some Brant Geese offshore near Morse Park which I took for coots at first.

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