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Steve Mayo and Rebecca Horowitz rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
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'A few more notes from New Haven today.  The hawk migration at Lighthouse Point Park this week comprised steady, light northerly winds, skies with enough contrasting clouds,  few hawks and several interesting migrants.  Today was more of the same.  In the morning, Dan Barvir and Lynn James saw the NORTHERN SHRIKE down by Morris Creek.  In addition to the lingering Red Tails, juv. Red-shouldered and 5-8 Snow Buntings (present on the lot for over a week), there were a couple migrating Red Tails, a N Harrier, two late Osprey and two bats.  First was a very large, dark, slow-flapping bat with a distinctive gray back (HOARY BAT?); the second much smaller.  

Sol Satin and I went over to Ora Avenue by the Airport.  As we waked towards the end of the road, I saw a small, dark HUMMINGBIRD zip past me for about 40 meters, before disappearing into the small trees.  No details noted, efforts to relocate were unsuccessful, and certainly no food about (other than midges and other insects).  Also a large Dragonfly, possibly a Green Darner?  

Sol and  I joined Turk Duddy and Paul Desjardins over at East Shore.  Around 2 pm there were great looks at 6-8 Red Crossbills, the BT Green, the Prairie, Audubon's warbler, and I may have very briefly relocated the OC Warbler.  

Lingerers abound in New Haven.

Steve Mayo

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Today at East Shore Park 6 species of warblers. Orange Crowned, many Yellow Rumped including "Audubon's", Black Throated Green, Prairie, Palm and Blackpoll. Also a couple of flocks of Red Crossbills.
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