[CT Birds] Somers Birds and Goose Observations

Jan Collins jgcollins at cox.net
Fri Nov 23 07:54:12 EST 2012

11/22  8 AM  Took an early morning Turkey Day walk around the yard and 
neighborhood and had 2 RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH continuing at feeders along 
Heard the usual morning flight of Canada Geese beginning (I am in their 
flight path a few miles northeast of Broad Brook Pond) and since they seemed 
to be louder than normal, I headed the short distance over to the high 
school ball fields for a more unobstructive view.  Had probably several 
thousand Canada geese in groups of 75-100 pass overhead in a 20 minute 
period, all coming from the northeast and heading southwest (presumably 
towards Broad Brook). They always first appeared lower than the hills 
separating Somers and Stafford so presumably they were coming from somewhere 
in the northeast part of Somers. Could not pick out any of the rarities as I 
scanned all the groups but do find it puzzling as Jamie pointed out to 
figure out their movements.  In years' past they usually LEAVE Broad Brook 
in the daytime for the farm fields in Somers and return at night.  This year 
I see them every evening around sunset heading northeast (away from the 
pond) and in the mornings heading southwest.  Not sure where they are 
spending the night!
I have been checking Broad Brook Pond at night though to see if they ever 
stop talking (been there a couple times at 10 PM and NO they don't stop 
talking) so still a sizeable number there on the Pond at night.  Puzzling. 
Maybe there are just a greater number of geese here this year and the Pond 
just can't hold them all.
I also had 1 COMMON RAVEN fly by and land on the school roof during the 
goose parade and a flock of 75-100 Horned Lark.

Jan in Somers 

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