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Just thought you all might be interested in this posting from my friend
Andy Pay from the UK. He was in Oregon last year but sent this
from the UK after finding it on the web. I believe they have numbers
 similar to this off their coasts as well.
Sure different than our coast.........Paul

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From: Andy Pay 
To: Paul Carrier 
Sent: Thu, November 22, 2012 2:15:39 PM
Subject: Seawatch

Hey Pauly, hope you're having a great Thanksgiving. 
Just check out this seawatch report from the Oregon coast yesterday, 
but be careful not to choke on your mashed potato! 

7:00-3:30 (11/21):
partly clear with frequent fast moving squalls
becoming mostly clear by mid-afternoon, wind
W 15-25 gusting to 40 with squalls, swells 10+
everything moving south

3000+ Red-throated Loon
80000+ Pacific Loon (flight more notable for persistence
       than density, generally 100-300/min for most of
       duration with brief pulses to 1000/min)
1000+ Common Loon
30 Horned Grebe (S)
150 Red-necked Grebe (S)
50 Western Grebe
1 BLACK-FOOTED ALBATROSS (adequate look S 1.5 mile)
15000+ Northern Fulmar (visible movement during
      entire duration, mostly 20-40/min. increasing to
      100/min around squalls, 98% dark-end)
2 MOTTLED PETREL (obvious singles S both between
        1/2-3/4 mile in direct sun, dorsal/ventral patterns,
        compact size, energetic flight all well seen)
8 Buller'sShearwater
9 Pink-footed Shearwater
100+ Short-tailed Shearwater (assume low)
20000+ Sooty Shearwater (increasing afternoon, at times
              funneling to 150/min)
350 Leach's Storm-Petrel (scattered singles with frequency
          gradually increasing during afternoon)
500 Brown Pelican
30 Double-crested Cormorant
200 Brandt's Cormorant (S)
500 Pelagic Cormorant (S)
1600 Brant
15 Mallard
6 Northern Pintail
50 Green-winged Teal
2 scaupsp.
2 Harlequin Duck
100 Black Scoter
150 White-winged Scoter
800 Surf Scoter
1 Bufflehead
100 Red-breasted Merganser
1 Peregrine Falcon
600 Red Phalarope (relatively low density with
        widely scattered flocks mostly of <10 birds)
2 Parasitic Jaeger
243 PomarineJaeger (majority moving in pairs,
        groups to 7)
3 SOUTH POLAR SKUA (singles S all 1/2-1 mile)
500 Bonaparte's Gull
150 Mew Gull
6000 California Gull
1000 Herring Gull
20+ Thayer's Gull (assume low but hard to find
           while sampling)
1000 Western Gull
800 Glaucous-winged Gull
500 Heermann's Gull
8000+ larussp.
1000 Black-legged Kittiwake (about 75% juv. inc
         numerous segretated flocks)
8000+ Common Murre
150 Pigeon Guillemot
80 Marbled Murrelet
900 Ancient Murrelet (steady groups to 18)
10 Cassin'sAuklet
1 PARAKEET AUKLET (S 150 yards within the breakers,
     good look at shape, intermediate size, white to chin)
300 Rhinoceros Auklet

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