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Sorry. Some have asked me if I wanted to know what Siskins eat from our feeders. 

I am actually interested in what you might have seen them eating from, in the 

I have studied this for years, and want to ad to my records.
Thank you - Paul

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I would appreciate it, if you could ad your sightings to this list...
I have observed PINE SISKIN over the years eating the following:

Black Birch-cones
White Birch    "
Yellow Birch    "
Hemlock       "
Swamp Alder    "
New England Aster
Bull Thistle
Dandelion - a pair nested here one year, and I observed them feeding from this 
plant in the spring.
Goldenrod - Saw these birds this year exploring within this plant, but did not 
see exactly
what they were eating. Seeds or insects?

Evening Primrose -?
Small cones seem to be the only cones Ive seen them eating from.
Have seen  Siskin eating-gleaning- seeds from trees on the snow surface.
Mostly Birch seeds. Thanks...

Paul Carrier - Harwinton

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