[CT Birds] Bobcat or Lion...

zellene sandler zellene at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 24 11:29:57 EST 2012

I know this is off-topic, but I saw a feline cross my yard this morning and
I am trying to figure out what it was...maybe someone on this list can
help. I have had bobcats in the yard before and am quite familiar with
them, but this seemed different. This cat was within the size of a large
bobcat, but had a sleek, muscular body, a distinctive lionine head, and
most telling, a long tail. 

If not for the definite long tail, I would err on the side of bobcat. But
this cat was too small for an adult lion. I tried for a picture, but only
got the tail end in a poor photo. I am not one to make lions out of
bobcats, believe me, but there is a doubt in my mind. Any thoughts? You can
respond to me directly since this is off-topic, and ignore the spamblocker
message since I can read any responses anyway.


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