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Sat Nov 24 13:27:41 EST 2012

Hi Zellene, as my screen name suggests, I've had a long time interest in  
cougars, so I'll give you my two cents on the subject. Actually, I think it's 
 worth more than that, since I am one of the lucky ones who has SEEN a 
cougar in  Ct. It was 5 or 6 years ago, at the Ct Audubon Sanctuary in Pomfret 
on the old  Air LIne railbed . It was broad daylight, I was no more than 200 
feet away, AND  I was looking at it with 10X bins! 

At the time there had been multiple reports of cougar sightings in Pomfret, 
 and I had been told about them by Andy R., CAS Pomfret property manager, 
as well  as others connected with it. After that sighting I believe Andy's 
wife saw one  too, on their own property, which is nearby.

Don't worry about size, it takes at least 3 years for a cougar to be  
full-grown, although they can breed before they reach full size. Also, there is  
a wide variation in size; males can reach 160 pounds or more while females 
top  out at about 100 pounds and most are somewhat smaller. The one I saw was 
less  than full size. Fact is, if you saw a yellow cat with a long tail it 
WAS a  cougar, unless there is and exotic animal running aound (like an 
African lion,  not many other large yellow cats). By the way, yellow means 
anything from real  yellow to a light tan or brown color.

As to origin, there are several possibilities. the one killed in 2011 was a 
 wild animal who had been tracked half way across the country, so 
obviously,  there could be more, and I consider it possible that somewhere in the 
northeast  there is actually a very small breeding population or at least, 
breeding by two  cats that happen to meet. But of course, released pets and 
escapes are two other  obvious possibilities, perhaps somewhat more likely. 

Hope this helps.

Don Morgan

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