[CT Birds] Red Breasted Nuthatch, Hamden, & Flicker + C. Wren

Arthur Shippee ashippee at snet.net
Sat Nov 24 14:39:43 EST 2012

We had today three visits from a Flicker, a rare occurrence at our feeder.  So lovely a bird!  (4 WPs at our feeders in 2 days, plus RBWP, Downey, and Hairy.). And a Carolina Wren just appeared.

"Our" RBNH (if it's the same bird these last weeks) is now a more competent feeder than before, faster to a spot, and returning quickly if spooked. The earlier bird (same one?), as I reported, was hesitant and shy and seemed not to know how to feed at first, but learned after a while.  (Chapter two was getting its head stuck between the poles on the feeder.)

> From Arthur Shippee and Mary Porterfield:
> 11/24/12 - Hamden, North Lake -- Red Breasted Nuthatch fqtly at feeder.

Otherwise, the usual:  titmice, chickadees, goldfinch, house finch and sparrows, white b. nuthatch, junco, blue jay, m. dove, cardinal

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