[CT Birds] Lighthouse Park (Or, "Why Quaker Ridge stops hawk counting November 20")

Steve Mayo and Rebecca Horowitz rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sat Nov 24 15:45:27 EST 2012

I went down to Lighthouse for several hours, to check out these strong cold front WNW winds.  I had hopes of Red-shoulders and Red-Tails swirling to the East, as Peregrines and Eagles visited from New Haven and the Q-Marsh respectively, and the occassional Rough-legged and Gyrfalon cruised by.  
This did not happen.
One Turkey Vulture blew in from the Northwest, and flailed madly NE out of the Park to avoid ending up in over the Cape Verde Isles.  Other than the 6 cheerful Snow Buntings on the lot (present for at least 2 weeks), there was very little today.
Maybe tomorrow? 
Steve Mayo

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