[CT Birds] Bobcat vs Lion

Patricia Bailey bails at att.net
Mon Nov 26 14:57:33 EST 2012

There was a very interesting article in the New York State Conservation magazine 
regarding sightings of Bobcats vs Cougars perhaps a year prior to the dead CT 
cougar.  They had two photographs of what first looked exactly like a cougar but 
then the cougar turned and in the second photo it was definitely a bobcat.  The 
author said if there are no road kills, there are no cougars which was sure true 
about the CT cougar.  He didn't last too long with our highways.  Panthers in 
Florida are very rare and get hit by cars all the time.  He also said judging 
proportion at a distance is very, very difficult.  But as someone said, if it 
happened once, it could happen again.  I know I saved the magazine and it's 
somewhere in one of my messy piles of conservation stuff....
Pat Bailey

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