[CT Birds] Somers' Geese

Jan Collins jgcollins at cox.net
Mon Nov 26 16:33:17 EST 2012

11/26  Horse pasture 9th District Rd.  2 PM  while walking the dog around 
the neighborhood noticed lots of geese in the pasture at the corner of 9th 
District and Billings Rd so stopped to check them out and found the BARNACLE 
GOOSE.  Half hour later decided to check out any geese at the farm pond on 
9th District and Hutton Rd and had the SNOW GOOSE, and the immature BRANT. 
Since I was on a roll, headed down to Broad Brook Mill Pond and had 2 
GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE in with a couple thousand Canadas.  Found the 4 
Hooded Mergansers and more Canada's a little farther to the east on Depot Rd 
at another pond.
Hubby went with me so he now has added the goose rarities to his "married to 
a birder" life list!

Jan in Somers

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