[CT Birds] scarsity of finches etc...

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Thu Nov 29 19:56:37 EST 2012

I believe the finches have mostly left this area because their is little natural 
food here
 to sustain them, esp over a winter. In my posting last week about the scarcity 
of tree seed
food here in the NW parts of CT, points toward this conclusion. One of the few
emergency foods many finches occasionally rely on are tree buds. I saw a flock 
House finch feeding from a Maple tree here in Harwinton today on buds, and that 
suggests to
me, of the scarcity of food they are dealing with here in CT.

Can I ask if anyone out there might also do a survey of their areas and report 
on your results of the tree seed crop seen? Especially the cones on all pines, 
and cones
on white,gray,yellow Birches (not catkins) Alder and other tree/bush seeds to be 

I think this might give us a more complete picture of what this winter here in 
CT will be 

like for seeing and/or keeping winter finches. Weed crops however, do seem to be 
in good supply
this year, and many finches will eat weed seeds as well. 

Paul Carrier - Harwinton       

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