[CT Birds] Website update starting

Steve Morytko ctbirding at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 22:04:32 EST 2012

Sorry, my earlier message was nearly complete but I managed to leave out
part of the closing so here it is:

>> Feedback and comments ...

Your feedback is welcome! Email constructive comments directly to >>
ctbirding at gmail.com << (not to CTBirds please!). If you notice that
something is missing or needs attention let me know. That said, I may not
get to minor issues immediately but they'll get added to the housekeeping
list. Suggestions for stylistic and new content require additional thought
and consideration and possibly significant work!

Thanks in advance for your patience with the service interruption.
Hopefully you didn't have big plans to use the website late this evening.

I'm planning to start the website update now as mentioned earlier. Back in
a while ...

Steve Morytko
COA Website dmin

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