[CT Birds] COA Website - status update

Steve Morytko ctbirding at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 08:49:04 EST 2012

I'm continuing to work on converting the COA website to its new look. A few
"minor" tweaks last night created a unexpected problems that I'm still
addressing. I hope to have the majority of the pages converted in the next
few hours so please hold your feedback for a while longer. On some pages
the navigation bars have been pointing to the wrong file
(minigrantguide.htm to be specific) and there may be other as yet
undiscovered issues.

However, there are still some pages that need further review and probably
more work than I can manage to find time for this morning (I have some
pressing personal responsibilities). Specifically: ARCC pages in the
species index and very likely some other nested links.

Back to it ...

Steve Morytko

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