[CT Birds] Stonington Pt and Harkness

Sailcarm sailcarm at aol.com
Sat Dec 1 17:14:13 EST 2012

After birding Stonington Pt around 2:30 today and bumping into Glenn and Phil and after our having no luck with the Dovekie, I set off to check a few other spots, hoping it might be there.  would have been a life bird for me.  Glenn called me to let me know of the bird's ultimate fate, so I went to Harkness on my way home and managed to get a bit of birding done before it was dark.

Only things of note at Harkness (Waterford) were:

1 f. Common Eider
1 WW Scoter

Several Common Loons, RB Mergs, and Hooded Mergs present too.

Stonington Pt had lots of neat birds, if not a live Dovekie:

2 Red-necked Grebes, one still in fading breeding plumage (gorgeous!!)
10 Horned Grebes, if not more
Many Common Loons
1 RT Loon
7 Long-tailed Ducks
1 Surf Scoter
Flock of RB Mergansers

Carolyn Cimino

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