[CT Birds] Red-breasted Nuthatches, Pine Siskin, Junco

Angeladimmitt at aol.com Angeladimmitt at aol.com
Mon Dec 3 10:53:03 EST 2012

>From Angela Dimmitt
12/3/12 New Milford yard:  PAIR of RED-BREASTED NUTHATCHES.  A  male has 
been at my feeders almost every day since Nov. 9 and on Sat.12/1  was joined 
by a female - they have been feeding together Sun. and this  morning.
Unusual PINE SISKIN- I think maybe a "green" - 11/21 with others.  I  
wrote:  "Breast pale with faint streaking, pale head; nape  & mantle olive green 
with black stripes; yellow flanks, pale line above  eye, auricular patch, 
yellow upper- and under-tail coverTs, 1 pale lemon  wingbar.  And pink feet 
(other siskins black)."   Unable to get a photo.  This was the last day 
siskins came to me  feeders.
Also one "different" JUNCO last week (yes, I am very cautious  calling 
them!):  overall impression, a pale bird.  "Medium brown  cap contrasting with 
light grey mantle and face;  distinctly black  lores;  back brown-grey with 
streaks; secondaries brown;  flanks  quite pink to tail."  Again instant 
jotting - written before reading Mark  Szantyr's excellent notes.  Seen a couple 
of times as well as a couple of  "regular" pale juncos - unable to get a 
Angela Dimmitt
New Milford

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