[CT Birds] Ora Avenue/Proto Drive, East Haven

Stephen Broker ls.broker at cox.net
Mon Dec 3 22:26:26 EST 2012

From Steve Broker (Cheshire):
12/3/12 - East Haven, Ora Avenue/Proto Drive (2:30 P.M. - 4:15 P.M.):
Marsh Wren 2
European Starling 1,200 (flying in at 4:10 P.M.)
Fox Sparrow 3
Brown Bat (Myotis sp.) 1 (flying above Ora Avenue at 4:10 P.M., 55 degrees Fahrenheit)

Two feeding stations are set up in the tradition of Dori Sosensky:  (1) On Ora just on the far side of the chain link gate, beyond the huge asphalt pile and the road bending left toward the landfill; (2) further down Ora and in front of the chain link gate blocking the safety road to Tweed-New Haven runway.  Two Fox Sparrows were at feeding station #1 today, and one Marsh Wren was heard inside the gate at feeding station #2 today.  Note:  the road name Ora is the historical name for the road south of the airport, and Ora is the name found on older maps of East Haven and New Haven.  Proto is identified today as the name of the road as it turns west from East Haven's Hemingway Road.  Ora and Proto are one and the same.  Google Earth totally screws things up and calls this road Uriah, which is the name of the road on the far (west) side of Morris Creek.  Uriah has disappeared from the landscape with the somewhat recent Tweed-New Haven runway safety zone expansion, except for a remnant road with a few houses much closer to Townsend Avenue and Lighthouse Point Park.  Longtime birders in this most scenic of habitats (known for its rabbit hunting, illegal dumping, paint ball wars, ATV drag races, and of course its landfill) steadfastly hang onto the name Ora.  This patch of paradise is the central hot spot of Area K for the New Haven Christmas Bird Count and has been ever since Brazos Road was condominiumized.

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