[CT Birds] Colebrook and Canaan MT

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Fri Dec 7 14:32:01 EST 2012

Went to Colebrook at 10 this morn, my brother 
saw CANVASBACK DUCKS here yesterday, but 
they closed the lower rd for construction. 
I went from here to Twin Lakes, Salisbury:

Lg lake open. saw:

2- C Loon
4- Black Duck
1 - Ruddy Duck
2 - C Merganser

Small Lake, 80% open:

30- Hooded Merganser
1- Ruddy Duck
1 - C Loon
1 - Great B Heron

On to Beaver Dam, 40% open:

26 - Ring-n-Duck
15 - Hooded Merganser
4 - Bufflehead

Took Weatogue Rd north:

200+ Robin along river: They were here in big numbers eating
the profuse Japanese Bittersweet berries growing all over the tall trees.
It appears this introduced plant has become a staple food for berry eating 
birds during the winter, esp when the native food crop is so poor, as this
years is. Also saw 4 Mockingbirds accepting the Robins take over of these 

Of note: - I also saw 4 large Robin sized birds fly over my car while driving 
that looked very much like Pine Gs in shape and size. Was my guess to what they 
 but not certain.Could not relocate them.

Also saw a far out dark morph ROUGH-L-HAWK on other side of river,
 flying over an open field towards Mass.

Canaan Mt:

I stopped at the top where the Pitch and other Pines are found along the rd. 
trees were bare of cones, but their were a few that had them. Unfortunately i 
no birds there. I did however see a Bobcat walk out of the woods onto the rd
 just 20 feet in front of me, look at me, then slowly wandered into the woods on 
other side.
He turned, and we looked at each other for awhile, then he made a soft meow like 
and slowly walked into the woods. This was a real special sighting for me. 
Though i have seen many of these cats up here in the past, this was the first
 that actually stopped and contemplated me as much as I did of him. It was just 
and I in the silence of this spot, accepting each other as equals. Made my day!

Paul Carrier - Harwinton

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