[CT Birds] Barkhamsted WW Scoter

Brian Kleinman snaketat at cox.net
Sun Dec 9 11:40:11 EST 2012

Around 9:30 this morning there was a single WHITE-WINGED SCOTER (looked like
a female or young male) seen from Brown¹s Beach at Lake McDonough (aka The
Compensating Reservoir).  The Scoter was loosely hanging out with a small
flock of Lesser Scaup.  Further out there was a huge mixed flock of more
then 100 Hood Mergansers and Scaup (and probably some other stuff) but with
no scope and my 3 kids jumping in the mud I wasn¹t able to get an accurate
count of individual species.  If anyone is in the area this might be worth a
closer look ­ many birds out there!

>From Brian Kleinman

12/9 ­ Barkhamsted ­ Lake McDonough ­ 1 WHITE-WINGED SCOTER (rare inland) in
a small flock of Lesser Scaup seen from Brown¹s Beach.

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