[CT Birds] Cave Swallows!! Penfield Reef

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Sun Dec 9 13:00:07 EST 2012

I just had one of those spectacular experiences that are the things I love most about birding. I was calmly eating my lunch in my dining room, when I noticed a bird that looked quite a bit like a swallow fly by. I nearly knocked over my glass, yelling "Cave Swallow!" while grabbing my binoculars and running outside. It circled back around, and it sure was a Cave Swallow, right in my back yard, flying feet over my head! (I live right next to Penfield Reef in Fairfield). The craziest part was that this wasn't even a yard bird, I had two different birds fly over two falls ago. But then the Cave Swallow landed on my roof!!! It stayed for a few minutes and I was able to run inside, get my camera, and snap a few photos of it. As if that wasn't enough, it was chased off the roof by a second Cave Swallow that just appeared out of nowhere! They flew back and forth down the beach for about 20 minutes before I lost sight of them. 

One of those moments where I feel blessed to live where I live and to be part of the birding world.

James Purcell

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