[CT Birds] Northern Lapwing at Bridgewater, Massachusetts

louise tucker louise40pt at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 13 19:44:30 EST 2012

Bridgewater, Massachusetts: Northern Lapwing seen in the field with the  big white plastic bundles in back.  The bird is much closer to the road. I parked at the entrance to the field then walked south, down the dirt road that is about 20--30 feet in from Summer Street. Approximately 500 feet down the dirt road was a man beckening. A birder from Maine and I walked down. About 20 feet east from the dirt road feeding in and around a big rain puddle was the Lapwing. The sun was behind us giving us great looks. The bird was very cooperative, often turning his body 360 degrees so that we observed every aspect of his body. He kept his eyes on us, but did not seem afraid, and fed casually. The man from Maine got his scope and we had good looks at the bird preening himself.  The bird was still there when I left at 
2:15 pm.  My impression was that the bird seemed quite content where he was and in no hurry to leave the area.
This was, of course on Summer Street. The big white bundles have been mentionned in previous reports.  The only birders I saw there were the birder from Maine and the man from Boston who showed us the bird's location.
Louise P. Tucker
Enfield, CT

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