[CT Birds] Mrlbrgh Pine GB-No, Raven-Yes

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Thu Dec 13 22:34:17 EST 2012

The ravens have an established population in town.  Exactly as described by
Dan, I've photographed a handsome bird in that location, cleaning its beak
on the shingles. They've nested in the hollow behind my house for the two
decades I've been here.  I look forward every Spring to hearing the
prehistoric "grawk, grawk, grawk" back there.  Years ago I took my
then-young daughter on an outing to find the nest, and we were aggressively
dive-bombed by the parents. They are smart.  I once watched one 'dumpster
diving' near the center of town.  It was on a light pole or tree literally
waiting until no one at the nearby gas station was watching. Only when the
coast was clear did it dive into the confines of a large dumpster.  It then
quickly extracted its prize and stuffed it into a growing cache behind some
piled construction debris outside the dumpster at ground level. Then it
returned to its high perch to wait for the next opportunity to repeat the
process.  I took this effort, to relocate the food to a more secure staging
point, to be a sign of real intelligence.  Impressive birds.
Russ Smiley
Marlborough, CT

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>From Dan Rottino:12/13/12 - Marlborough, 4:00pm -- 1 COMMON RAVEN on top of
building behind Subway at the intersections of Rte 66 and So. Main Street.
It appeared to be rubbing its beak along the roof top perhaps for cleaning
purposes.  No PINE GROSBEAK, but 7 HOUSE FINCH across the street in a tall
pine by the Middlesex Bldg parking lots.

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