[CT Birds] Wilton:Common Raven

Mike Warner mjwarner at optonline.net
Sat Dec 15 13:45:07 EST 2012

12/15/12   Wilton,  Vista Rd  1:30 pm - Common Raven

     Sitting home prepping for the Greenwich Stamford CBC,  I heard a loudly calling Common Raven right above the house headed east.  I went outside and still calling, the Common Raven circled the house to the north then flew away to the west.  Facing west, I could see 6 Turkey Vultures sitting in my neighbor's yard on Linden Tree Road.  Their presence most likely attracted the Common Raven.  I am not going to regard this as an ominous sign for tomorrows count!
     Good luck all of you CBC'ers.

Mike Warner
Wilton, CT.

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