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We still have winterberry and holly berries here in SE Connecticut, but they probably haven't been frozen and softened enough to be palatable for the bird yet.  There have been plenty of crab apple fruits and their ilk, but this week, the trees I have been watching at work in Waterford have just been descended upon by robins and starlings.  I suspect that they will be long gone before Bohemian Waxwings or Pine Grosbeaks make it down, if they do.  The cone crop looks to be spotty at best.

Glenn Williams

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I never got to ask anyone in southern CT to let us all know how the 
tree food crop is down there? I see the Crossbills are still being seen.
And are the cone trees they are using still have seed cones on them? Or
are they about gone now? And how is the ornamental fruit/ berry 
producing trees doing, plus Apple trees and wild berry bushes such
as Winterberry etc doing? Up here in NW CT, they were all very poor
at best this year, and most of what was there is gone.
I'm very concerned for these birds that are so dependent on wild seeds
 and berries to get them through the winter. It might be a plus for
some that we have bird feeders they can depend on. Back a few winters
ago, it seemed the Redpolls came in numbers to stay the winter and
find a reliable seed source, as they did from feeders.
I know Finches can survive if necessary on tree buds, but that's
only a survival food, not one of choice. 

Please inform us all on how your food crop is doing in your part of the State!

Thanks - Paul Carrier - Harwinton  
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