[CT Birds] Area B of Stratford-Milford CBC 12/22/12

Nick Bonomo nbonomo at gmail.com
Sun Dec 23 13:54:11 EST 2012

Thanks to Steve Mayo for posting the CBC's results so quickly last
night. Carolyn Sedgwick and I covered the coast from Milford Pt to
Walnut Beach and a bit of inland territory. Here are some highlights:

101 American Wigeon (most of these on the small pond behind Jonathan Law HS)
139 American Black Duck (easily counted on the LIS side of Milford
Point thanks to constant hunter activity in the marsh all day)
1 Black Scoter (female at Milford Pt)
53 Horned Grebe (a fantastic count, especially given the VERY windy
conditions during which they can be difficult to count on choppy
3 Northern Gannet (adults working offshore)
5 Great Cormorant (one in our area, the other 4 roosting on channel
marker on Stratford side of river mouth)
1 Black-bellied Plover (Milford Pt)
2 Purple Sandpiper (with Dunlin and Sanderling on breakwater)
1 Razorbill (immature bird flying and landing on Milford side of the breakwater)
29 Monk Parakeet (one flock at Milford Pt)
1 Barred Owl (seen during daylight along coast, obviously away from
breeding areas)
2 Common Raven (Milford Pt)
1 Ruby-crowned Kinglet (Walnut Beach)
1 Swamp Sparrow (Court Street boat ramp)
3 Common Redpoll (hanging around the parking lot at Milford Pt for
most of the day)

Very low numbers of passerines...yesterday's intense wind didn't help
but it seems that passerine numbers along the coast have been low over
the past few weeks.

Nick Bonomo
Wallingford, CT

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