[CT Birds] Barkhamsted CBC 12/22/12

David Tripp Jr dtrippjr at comcast.net
Sun Dec 23 19:45:14 EST 2012

With all areas reporting, waiting on a few feeder watchers, the count recorded a respectable 66 species.

The windy conditions kept the birding difficult on Saturday. Most areas reported scarcity and low numbers of birds. Owling took a big hit, no Great Horneds or Barred Owls counted. Purple Finch and Ruffed Grouse missed as well.

Some of the good birds that kept us going:

Ring-necked Ducks (record high)
Bufflehead (near record high),
Lesser Scaup (record high)
Greater Scaup
Great Blue Heron
Long-eared Owl 
Pine Warbler (3rd time since 1984)
Pine Grosbeak 
White-winged Crossbill 
Fox Sparrow

Count week: Rough-legged Hawk, Yellow-rumped Warbler (today)

Dave Tripp

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