[CT Birds] Lark Sparrow, Windsor Bloomfield Landfill

James Dugan jim at duganworks.com
Thu Dec 27 19:33:37 EST 2012

12/27/12 - Windsor/Bloomfield Landfill, Windsor -- LARK SPARROW, 2 VESPER SPARROWS, 2nd winter GLAUCOUS GULL. Late afternoon. Photos taken. The sparrows were together in the 50'x40'ish grass "island" with the blue vent pipe in the middle that is roughly 150' SSE of the active trash pile and in the northeast corner of the last plowed T in the road. If they are still present tomorrow they should be very easy to find and care should be taken not to bump them out of the grass area as there isn't any place for them to go thats nearby.

From Jim Dugan with daughter Hannah, New Milford

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