[CT Birds] Stratford Birds

Donna Caporaso donnacap at aol.com
Sat Dec 29 19:25:46 EST 2012

Seen in my yard in Stratford today:

4 Yellow Throated Sparrows (a first!)
1 Blue Jay
3 Female Cardinals
2 Male Cardinals
1 Tufted Titmouse
2 Chickadees
30+ House Sparrows 
6 Starlings (only 6?!)
3 Pigeons
1 Monk Parakeet 
1 Red Breasted Nut Hatch
6 Juncos
1 Male Downy
1 Female Downy
1 Red Tail fly over which I suspect has been leaving the assorted bird feathers around the yard :( and who I have seen in my big Maple

Of note Around the Coast:
3 Great Egrets at entrance of Long Beach that were moving gradually toward Rt. 113 as hide tide was getting to its peak (did not see Ibis)
Dozen Sanderlings on Jetty at Long Beach
1 Red Throated Loon off Long Beach but close to shore.

Warehouses off Long Beach Boulevard
4 Great Blue Heron in the reeds/debris field to left of parking lot when looking toward Bridgeport/Pleasure Beach Bridge, They look like stumps without binos.
2 Mute Swans in main Pond
1 Belted Kingfisher on fallen tree 

Pond behind 300 Building on Long Beach Boulevard
Several Hooded Mergansers, Black Ducks, Mallards

Frash Pond
12ish Buffleheads
A lot of Red Breasted Mergansers
8 Canvas Backs
3 Cormorants

Boat Ramp foot of Birdseye Street
1 Red Breasted Male Merganser
12 Coot (in sewage stream)
1 Male Northern Harrier!

Greenway Cove (Beacon Pt Road off Birdseye Street)
Assortment of Black Ducks and Mallards
1 Adult Mute Swan
1 Juvenile Mute Swan
2 Tree Sparrows
20ish Starlings
1 Male Cardinal

Donna Caporaso

Stratford, CT

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