[CT Birds] Pic of yesterday's Redpoll

Bill Asteriades bill.asteriades at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 15:24:58 EST 2013

> As a follow-up to John's email, included below is a link to a record
> picture of the bird we believe to be a Hoary Redpoll.  I suspect better
> pictures will soon be distributed.  This picture only shows the front of
> the bird. We did have a good view of the back of this bird or possibly a
> second bird, in which the field marks looked good for Hoary Redpoll as John
> elaborated.  Field marks noted with the bird in the attached picture
> which favor Hoary Redpoll include:
> - the scapulars are pale with frosty whitish edges
> - flank streaking is sparse and narrow
> - rump appears to be white
> - the bill looks short and small (forehead bulges a bit possibly due to
> fluffy nasal bristles, which is a field mark per Sibley)
> - limited pale pink on breast.


> Bill Asteriades
> South Glastonbury, CT
> After I read Roy's post yesterday I set Roy an Email. He asked that I send
> the Email to CT birds so here it is.
> From: John Oshlick <john.oshlic at yahoo.com>
> Subject: Hoary
> To: rmharvey at snet.net
> Date: Tuesday, January 1, 2013, 9:22 PM
> Great post about hoary redpoll. Once I saw that the redpolls were coming I
> started to prepare for finding a hoary. I had already read all of the
> Sibley blog stuff. You are right about how interesting the info about the
> tiaga birds vs the tundra birds.
> I felt that I saw a hoary today. The bird I saw was very pale. It was also
> without really any brown tones on it (In other words the bird was totally
> in shades of white and black). It did have a bit of "Butterscotch" around
> the face which I saw listed somewhere as a field mark for hoary. The main
> field mark that impressed me was what Sibley labled "Pale Frosty Rear
> Scapulars" in his guide. This really "Popped" for me. The bird definity
> stood out. The bird was also slightly bigger than common redpolls. I did
> not really get a good look at the rump although Bill A. did and said that
> it was pale. With the Sibley info in mind (especially about the wide
> variability among hoaries) I felt comfortable saying that the bird was a
> hoary.
> I can also say that I want to see more and hopefully there will be more. I
> think that we will be up to our eyeballs in redpolls by Febuary.
> Now the next thing is to find a "Greater Redpoll"
> - John Oshlick
> John Oshlick
> Bethany

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