[CT Birds] Winchester Redpolls

charles barnard jr chbarnjr at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 17:24:33 EST 2013

Several of us spent at least 5 hours (cumulatively, not consecutively)
looking through Redpolls in Winchester on Wednesday.  Brenda Inskeep and I
did have one good candidate for a Hoary among about 50 Common Redpolls, but
didn't get all the necessary details in order to say that the bird was
certainly a Hoary. Details included: the "frosty" appearance, no visible
streaking on the sides and so much white edging on the median or greater
coverts that the wing appeared to have a solid white panel on it, rather
than two separate white wing bars.  However, we could not see the undertail
coverts or the rump and it was hard to gauge the bill size from the angle
we had.

We saw that bird upon first arriving at about 8:45 or 9 am as it was
perched in a hemlock tree. Other redpolls in the tree were comparatively
darker, obviously streaked on the sides and had far less white on
the coverts.  However, the possible Hoary quickly flew off with the rest of
the flock and in almost 5 hours of subsequent watching, we never sighted it

 Thanks to Dave Rosgen for allowing us to view from his property.

Charlie Barnard Jr.

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